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Repositioning a 98-year old organization to appeal to a younger audience.

UBC Alumni Logo Design

Alumni UBC

The Challenge

Make the UBC Alumni Association, an organization largely forgotten by university alumni, into an association that was relevant to the lives of busy young professionals.

90% of alumni had a low or extremely low level of engagement with the university. The least engaged were younger professionals 30-45 whose lives are already very busy. While open to maintaining a connection, it had to be relevant to their lives and on their terms. Unfortunately, the old brand, logo and identity system was inconsistent, tired and ‘old’ looking – an impediment to connecting with a younger alumni population.

A sample of the Alumni UBC Branding
Alumni UBC Branded Letterhead

The Solution

The strategy was to re-brand the old UBC Alumni Association as a member-driven organization, more in tune with the needs of all alumni and better positioned to communicate in their language, and on their terms.

We began with a new name. Alumni UBC reflected the insight: it was time to put alumni first.

A full branding system with a new logo and positioning statement was created, including a brand architecture for Alumni UBC’s various programs, properties and partners. The logo was also developed to ensure a strong tie back to the university and its heritage, while establishing a clear, distinct and independent voice for Alumni UBC. All materials were updated to reflect the new brand.

Cover of the Alumni UBC magazine 'Trek'
Inside of the Alumni UBC magazine 'Trek'

The Results

Alumni engagement levels increased 10% over previous levels – with no other outreach activity other than the rebrand.

Web traffic increased 44% immediately following the rebrand.

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