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Launching a major public infrastructure project in a complex and challenging public environment.

Translink Evergreen Line Bus Ad

TransLink: Evergreen Extension

The Challenge

Build public awareness and anticipation of the Evergreen Extension, while at the same time celebrating one of the first major infrastructure investments in the TransLink network in nearly a decade. After a challenging number of years for TransLink’s brand, this was also an opportunity to build positive brand equity.

TransLink Evergreen Line LCD Screen Ad
TransLink Evergreen Line Bus Interior

The Solution

Evergreen offered a number of important benefits. It provided another transportation option that was fast, frequent, and convenient. Its launch automatically gave residents better connections to the rest of Metro Vancouver. For the rest of the region, the system meant less overall traffic congestion (with fewer car trips), an expanded regional transit network, and a catalyst for more sustainable development.

The campaign positioning was distilled into a single-minded insight: Evergreen is a celebration of moving forward.

PUT SIMPLY: Evergreen means Go.

TransLink Evergreen Line Platform Posters
TransLink Evergreen Line Scrolling Poster
TransLink Evergreen Line Transit Shelter Advertisement

The Results

150,000 people rode the Evergreen Extension in the first two months of operation – the equivalent of every single resident of Coquitlam trying the service once.

Daily volume on the Evergreen line reached 30,000 within one month after launch – fully three times the ridership of the B-Line bus service that Evergreen replaced.

The campaign won an award from the American Public Transportation Association for North America’s “Best Marketing and Communications Campaign to Increase Ridership” in 2016.

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