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Attracting young people to Prince Rupert to live and work

Prince Rupert – Make it Home

Prince Rupert. Make it home.


The City of Prince Rupert has experienced hardship in the past, but in recent years the growth of the port and supporting businesses has attracted new investment and industry, breathing life back into the community.

The Challenge

With this investment and influx of business, the demand for local workers has begun to exceed the supply. The community needs to attract young adults from across BC and other parts of Canada to Prince Rupert to work and live.


Our strategy was to highlight and communicate the many benefits Prince Rupert has to offer and position the city as the potential answer to all of your wishes when looking for a place to call home. The natural beauty, an abundance of job opportunities, housing that’s more affordable than urban centres, and a vibrant community are just some of the aspects we focused on to showcase Prince Rupert as a place you would like to call home.

A robust digital marketing campaign consisting of video advertising, display advertising, social media advertising, and search engine marketing was implemented. In addition, a website MakePrinceRupertHome.com, was created as a resource for potential movers to Prince Rupert. The website was full of information regarding local amenities, services, organizations, and landmarks alongside a jobs board and information regarding housing and rentals in the town.

Make Prince Rupert Home Landing Page

The Results

The first three months of the campaign delivered 4.64 million impressions across all platforms.

Unique visitors to the campaign website exceeded 25,000.

In spite of the ongoing pandemic, almost 300 people from across Western Canada signed up to receive ongoing information about moving to Prince Rupert.

Over 5,000 people visited our custom-built job board.

Video advertisements appeared on high-profile websites such as CBC, CTV, Global News, and the New York Post. The view rates for our 60-second brand spot exceeded 60%.

An extremely happy client is looking forward to launching phase II in June.

Prince Rupert Make it Home Campaign
Prince Rupert Make it Home Campaign

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