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Launching a seasonal craft beer in a cluttered competitive environment.

Okanagan Spring Logo with Beary, the Honey Kolsch bear

Okanagan Spring Brewery – Honey Kölsch

The Challenge

Drive top of mind brand awareness and drive sales of Okanagan Spring’s new craft summer seasonal, Honey Kölsch.

The challenge was made more interesting by an explosion of new craft choices, and younger beer drinkers becoming more alienated from established craft breweries like Okanagan Spring.

Okanagan Spring Honey Kolsch Ad
Okanagan Spring Honey Kolsch Ad

The Solution

We needed to communicate that Honey Kölsch was the perfect choice for a hot summer day, but only available for a limited time.

The target buyer was overwhelmed by choice and underwhelmed by most traditional beer advertising. With limited resources, the campaign was designed to be memorable and approachable, but with a clear focus on what makes Honey Kölsch unique – its clear, golden brown colour and light, grainy sweetness with a hint of floral hops and honeycomb.

We enlisted the help of Beary – a beer loving bear who, naturally, has an affinity for our Honey Kölsch. Beary came to life via online videos, radio, and outdoor. And just like the beer, Beary - a slave to the hibernation cycle – was only with us for summer as well.

The Results

An overwhelming success. Sales forecasts were increased twice, with sales during the campaign at over 120% of projections.

The campaign also helped rejuvenate the brand amongst younger craft drinkers. Web traffic was up significantly and social media engagement was up over 200% from the previous year.

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