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Re-inventing a brand family through packaging.

A selection of Lighthouse Brewing Cans

Lighthouse Brewing Company

The Challenge

Create a new look for Lighthouse Brewing Company’s “Explorer Series” and “House Series” of craft beers. The re-design needed to align and update an extensive brand line up that had become fractured over time. Most importantly, the rebrand also needed to drive sales at retail.

Lighthouse Brewing Explorer Series
Lighthouse Brewing Explorer Series Bottle Tops

The Solution

We set about to create a design system that would build brand equity for the entire portfolio through enhanced product presentation and storytelling.

Explorer Series

This family of craft beers is brewed for those looking for more in their beers; more hop, more malt, more character.

This inspired a design system that reflects the layers and complexity of the beers, while still honouring the handcrafted nature of the brews - and staying true to the brand’s nautical positioning platform.

House Series

The flat white base colour united a family of products and echoed the lighthouse namesake. At the same time, we created bold and colourful patterns used on lighthouses around the world to distinguish individual products. These bold patterns were designed to distinguish each flavour on the shelf, create a unified series and contribute to “find-ability” in a cluttered retail environment.

Lighthouse Brewing Beacon ESB
Lighthouse Brewing Bowline Pilsner
Lighthouse Brewing Keepers Stout

The Results

In the first month after launch, retail sales for the rebranded Explorer and House series increased 23%, while sales were flat for all other portfolio products.

From strategy and creative to attention to detail and truly listening to our feedback, the team at St. Bernadine helped us accomplish our timing and budget targets, with an exceptional result.

- Michael Bierman, Lighthouse Brewing Company

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