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An unprecedented beer for an unprecedented time.

R&B Brewing

R&B Brewing Green Screen IPA


Over the past year and a half, we’ve been taking part in our fair share of video conference calls with clients and colleagues.

After the initial novelty wore off, the “Zoom fatigue” kicked in and we discovered that sometimes you need a little boost to get through that last video call on Friday afternoon.


The idea of drinking a tasty IPA seemed like the perfect antidote to end of day video conference calls. However, sipping on a cold one may not be deemed “professional” by certain colleagues. But hey, we’re in a pandemic and if you feel like you want a beer after enduring hours and hours of virtual meetings, we think you should be able to. That’s when we came up with the idea of the green screen beer – and we knew the perfect brewery to help us bring this idea to life.

R&B Brewing Green Screen IPA


The packaging design of Green Screen IPA is exactly that – a green screen. With a little bit of planning, you can attend your virtual meeting with your invisible beer in hand. R&B Brewing’s website offered some how-to tips to show you how to harness the magic for yourself.

We recorded a video showcasing the stealthy beer in action and promoted the clip via a newsletter and social media posts through both ours and R&B’s social media channels.


Green Screen IPA has been a major success to date, with the product selling out within a week of launch.

The release was covered by CTV News and was trending as the most viewed article on Vancouver Is Awesome. R&B Brewing stated the beer has been a social media success with “over 200 likes, 300+ shares and hundreds of new followers - it’s blowing up on our social media!”

“Over 200 likes, 300+ shares and hundreds of new followers - it’s blowing up on our social media!”

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