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Re-animating a brand and re-invigorating slowing sales.

Granville Island Public Market Blackberry Bag

The Public Market on Granville Island

The Challenge

Increase the profile, visibility, and reputation of the Public Market on Granville Island and Granville Island in general, against a background of declining sales, increased competition and near zero grocery retail category growth.

Granville Island Public Market Billboard
Granville Island Public Market Sausage Bus Ad Granville Island Public Market Chili Bus Ad Granville Island Public Market Jasmine Rice Bus Ad

The Solution

To reconnect with grocery shoppers and re-establish its place as Vancouver’s preferred grocery shopping destination, The Public Market on Granville Island was re-positioned as the place where expert vendors, people who live and breathe the products they sell, gather to provide the finest-quality, freshest offerings in a vibrant, multi-sensory atmosphere.

While Granville Island is an international destination, we focused on the immediate local market within a 20-minute drive of the Island. It was crucial that local shoppers experienced Granville Island with fresh eyes and re-built their grocery shopping habits. Given limited resources, an army of dedicated local brand enthusiasts who would help amplify our brand message had to be our starting point. We defined our target group as connected, sophisticated shoppers. Analyzing their media habits, we used channels that we knew would reach them, but also offered the highest visual impact and frequency to maximize ROI.

Granville Island Public Market Cement Trucks Granville Island Public Market Ice Cream Bus
Granville Island Public Market Direct Mail

The Results

After years of softening sales, the campaign (coupled with the related energy and pride instilled in the vendors themselves) reversed the decline and increased customer counts and transactions to nearly 20% over industry average.

In the face of flat or declining grocery category sales, Granville Island has experienced over 5% growth in overall sales annually since the campaign launched.

"St. Bernadine has been a true partner in every sense of the word with Granville Island (CMHC). As a federal body, we have many audiences and stakeholders. St. Bernadine not only understands this, but helps us often as we navigate through our required processes – while still creating and producing exceptional work that has driven real results for us."

- Lisa Ono, Manager, Public Affairs and Programming

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