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Encouraged thousands to take the first step on this challenging, yet rewarding journey.

Foster Care Recruitment Campaign Photo

Foster Care Recruitment Campaign: Province of British Columbia

The Challenge

In BC, right now, there are thousands of good kids caught in bad situations, and for a variety of reasons can’t live at home. The need for people willing to respond to this need and be foster parents is an ongoing challenge. We needed to encourage people who were considering becoming foster caregivers to understand the real impact they could make in someone’s life - and the urgency of that need.

Foster Care Recruitment Campaign Photo
Foster Care Recruitment Campaign Photo

The Solution

We focused on the real stories of current and former youths in care who had been given what they needed to thrive by their foster caregivers. At the same time, we knew we needed to tell the stories of foster caregivers, to address the anxieties of people considering it and to showcase the real, positive impacts that kids in care can have on their caregivers as well.

It was also important to focus on specific areas of need, such as indigenous kids and their needs to be supported in their culture, as well as regional needs.

We showcased a diverse group of youth in care and their caregivers, telling their stories of challenges and successes in an authentic and unvarnished way.

The campaign included a website fosternow.ca, YouTube videos, Google display network ads (HTML5 and statics), Google Adwords, social media (video and statics), as well as support for local information events, which included local print and radio as well.

One of the videos also appeared in every Cineplex and Landmark theatre in the Province for a four-week period during the run of the film Instant Family (starring Mark Wahlberg).

The Results

Calls to the campaign’s toll-free information line doubled during the campaign.

The videos received over 485,000 views in just over a month.

Over 16,000 unique users visited the campaign site.

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