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BC Hydro Bussiness Energy Incentives

BC Hydro
Business Energy Incentives


Small and medium businesses (SMBs) often don't have the resources available to understand and address the impact that old energy-inefficient equipment (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration etc), can have on their operating costs.

The Challenge

Our task was to drive awareness of, and engagement with, BC Hydro's incentive programs to help businesses upgrade and start saving. Only a little over 1/3 of SMBs were aware of BC Hydro Business Energy Incentives.

BC Hydro Bussiness Energy Incentives

The Solution

Our messaging focussed on asking business owners and decision makers to consider something they generally gave little thought to: the impact of electricity costs on the health of their business. The campaign was delivered through a mix of digital advertising, social media and radio.

BC Hydro Bussiness Energy Incentives
BC Hydro Bussiness Energy Incentives

The Results

Landing page visits grew over ten times the volume of the previous years' campaign. Project referrals more than doubled, and completed projects were up 20% year-over-year.

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