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Government of BC: Adoption Awareness Campaign Site

Adoption Awareness Month: Province of British Columbia

The Challenge

Increase public awareness of the need for adoptive families, and get prospective adoptive parents to find out more about the process during Adoption Awareness Month. At the time there were over 1,000 children still looking for an adoptive family, including teenagers, those with special needs, and sibling groups.

Government of BC Adoption Awareness Site Stickers
Government of BC Adoption Awareness Site Stickers

The Solution

Instead of focusing on the problem of kids looking for a forever family, we flipped the script and made the campaign about the 1000 families waiting to be formed.

Using one of the most ubiquitous modern symbols of family, the ‘stick figure families’ on the rear windshield of family vehicles, we were able to challenge conventions about what a family is. This creative platform also allowed us to tell the story of kids waiting, and families forming, in a universally relatable and engaging way.

Three campaign videos were created to generate awareness and encourage action. A widget was created allowing people to create their own family using a selection of stick characters and share their family on Twitter and Facebook.

The effort was anchored on a campaign site 1000familiesbc.com, a social media outreach campaign using partner social channels (BC Government and the Adoptive Families Association of BC) as well as Facebook advertising.

The Results

Calls to the campaign’s toll-free information line doubled during the campaign.

The videos received over 485,000 views in just over a month.

Over 16,000 unique users visited the campaign site, with over 10,000 visitors clicking to find out more at the Adoptive Families Association of BC website.

Unique visits to the Adoptive Families Association of BC increased 158% during the campaign.

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