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Hymn of St. Bernadine - Play
Bernadine of Sienna (1380-1444) Patron saint of advertising, graphic design and public relations.

riar Minor, missionary, and reformer, often called the “Apostle of Italy,” Bernadine was a charismatic and persuasive preacher. Whenever he spoke, thousands would flock to hear him and to participate in dramatic rituals, which included collective weeping, bonfires of vanities, and exorcisms. He was a renowned peacemaker in the Franciscan tradition, who tried to calm feuding clans in the turbulent political world of the Renaissance. His preaching visits would often culminate in mass reconciliations, as listeners were persuaded to exchange the bacio di pace, or “kiss of peace.”

He has become associated with all areas of communication.

His powers of conversion were so great, and the conversions so numerous, that he has become associated with all areas of communication and has since become the patron saint of advertising, graphic design, and public relations. Oh, and he’s also the patron saint of respiratory problems and compulsive gambling, but that has nothing to do with us. Hopefully.


For the last few years, we have been regularly writing letters to the 'you know who' (rhymes with Hatican) in hopes of re-assigning the less flattering patronages of Saint Bernadine to a more appropriate candidate. No breakthroughs to report as of yet, but hey, Galileo waited 500 years. We too shall press on.

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