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Bringing the offbeat voice of an iconic cultural festival to life.


The Goal

Drive additional attendance to the Vancouver Fringe Festival. 


The Challenge

For 30 years, the festival has been a celebration of the quirky and sometimes controversial artists who make up the experimental edge of Vancouver’s (and Canada’s) arts scene. With a 30th anniversary in 2014, the festival needed a refreshed, but authentic and accessible brand campaign to help it complete with the numerous other arts festivals and entertainment options that Vancouver offers. 


The Insight 

The Fringe attracts audiences from all walks of life who enjoy the arts, but are particularly drawn to the diversity, playful energy and completely unique offerings that the festival offers. The Fringe point of difference is simple: the unexpected is everywhere. Our positioning campaign was developed around the insight that Fringe followers are drawn to exploring the unexpected. You can literally see it all at the Fringe Festival.


The Solution

The brand positioning campaign included a new logo and web presence, an interactive video for social media that enabled users to participate in the creative platform, as well as television, outdoor and printed materials (including the festival program). Using the line ‘See it all’, the campaign was a celebration of the unexpected and sometimes bizarre people and performances that make the Vancouver Fringe Festival a unique must-see.


The Results 

In 2014, the Vancouver Fringe Festival attendance hit an all time record of over 40,000.

Web traffic for unique visitors was up 25% over the previous year 

Online reads of the program guide was up 18% over the previous year and the pick-up rate for the printed program increased 10% over 2013.

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