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The Goal

To update the branding for Total Graphics – a print and marketing solutions provider located in Burnaby, BC.

The Challenge

Visual communications is a highly competitive business and the printing sector in particular has increasingly become a commodity. Total Graphics needed to create a modern brand identity that would articulate their key point of difference.

The Solution

The results of our research revealed that one of the biggest challenges Total Graphics faced was that their customers didn’t have a clear understanding of all of the services they offer. Total Graphics has been in business for over 25 years and, as a result, people considered them to be dated (associating them with the premedia business of the past) or only using them piecemeal instead of as a complete solution provider. We knew, however, that their experience and history was an asset as it gave them a depth of knowledge that most printers today simply don’t have.  We knew we not only needed to create a brand that increased their relevancy and reflected their modern capabilities, but also one that helped to effectively communicate their offerings.

After some exploration, we knew the tangram was the perfect fit. Just like the tangram pieces, Total Graphics services can be configured in unlimited ways – each time, creating a new, unique solution. These colourful shapes remind them that their goal is to continue to help their clients in new and surprising ways.

The new branding was only recently revealed, but employees across all levels are excited about the new brand and it has helped to breathe new life into their passion and work pride. The new brand has been consistently implemented across all corporate materials including building signage and a stop motion video short. Industry feedback has been extremely positive and supportive.