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Hymn of St. Bernadine - Play

The Goal

Every designer’s dream- to brand and develop an in-house lager for Mahony & Sons.

The Challenge

As the restaurant is on the university grounds, the brand had to appeal to the student body as well as intramural athletes and teams. With very limited exposure and resources, the communication of the brand needed to be bold, clear, and memorable.

The Solution

Several sketchbooks later, we chose the name Hatchet lager to capture the rugged, hardworking spirit of the Irish and West Coast lifestyle. The black letter typeface was used as because of the traditional heritage reference to beer. We added irregularity to the type to reference the rhythms of cutting into wood with a hatchet.

Even better than earning the distinction of being in the top dozen identities in the world by the One Show, customers have responded and sales have exceeded projections.