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The Goal

To create a well-thought out brand identity that would appeal to current markets as well as support the brand’s aggressive growth plans across Canada. In addition, we needed to increase brand health, awareness, and attract qualified franchise owners.

The Challenge

Famoso was already a well-known and well-loved brand in Alberta and we needed to ensure we created an updated identity that didn’t alienate current customers while being capable of appealing to a wider audience in other markets.

The brand also needed to be more reflective of the quality offering in order for it to be able to go up against the independent Neapolitan restaurants while still coming across as genuine and comfortable with being a multi-location brand.

The rebrand needed to roll out in all locations as seamlessly as possible and restaurant partners needed to buy into the update as it required some investment on their end in terms of replacing signage, collateral, etc.

The Solution

We conducted internal research to get the opinion of owners and operators, as well as consumer research to assess brand health and awareness. Using the gained insight, we established a comprehensive brand blueprint that is reflective of Famoso’s offering and company values – which served as a basis for the updated brand identity and supporting creative elements.

-Authenticity (imported ingredients)
-Origin (Mt. Vesuvius used in logo)
-Casual, friendly atmosphere (handwritten logo, casual tone)
-Story (photography of trips to Naples)
-Handmade (kraft paper, handwritten logo)