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Hymn of St. Bernadine - Play

The Goal

Develop a unique Annual Report to showcase the diversity of the programs offered, share how fundraising dollars were spent, and to encourage more donations for the following year.

Arts Umbrella is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to Inspire kids for life through the Arts, in visual and performing arts. As well as being a tuition-based school, Arts Umbrella provides arts education and outreach programs free-of-charge to at-risk children in communities across the province.

The Challenge

During times of economic downturn, Arts Umbrella was seeking to present compelling reasons in a creative way in order to encourage continued support of their youth programs.

The Solution

For several consecutive years, St. Bernadine has developed a unique annual report that showcases the diversity of their program offerings and demonstrates the positive outcomes of the year’s fundraising dollars.

These materials and conjunction with other fundraising efforts, have helped Arts Umbrella manage to, even during the economic downturn, increase their fundraising total from previous years.